3 Ravens Blond


Prologue: I love the story of the 3 Raven’s brewery. It’s every mans dream come true. You work somewhere where Friday night drinks are the norm. Then your local pub closes down, so what do you do, you convert the basement of your workplace into a microbrewery. So now you don’t work for the engineering company with a healthy drinking culture, instead you work for a microbrewery.

Appearance: Slightly Cloudy, Light Golden Brown, Honey Colour

Strength: 5.2%

: Dense, for a blonde, although I’ve meet one or two dense blonds in my time (I’ll be here all week, try the veal) Impressive Head (insert not so subtle blonde head joke in here)

Packaging: Sophisticated, rustic and generally impressive.

Food Suggestions: Honey Marinated Chicken Skewers on a BBQ with sliced potato.

In a Word: – That’s So Raven

Ranking: I’ll have a Pint Thanks


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