Beast IPA

Prologue: This beer is largely ridiculous. It seems to be brewed more as a challenge than as a quest to produce a well rounded and tasty beer.

It’s high alcohol – 7% which is actually about right for a true Indian Pale Ale (it was higher alcohol so it could survive the sailing to India, hence the name), rather than the whimpy Pale Ales you normally get, but that seems to be a reason for living, which is not good enough in my book.

Appearance: Like Blood & Wine, Dark, and more like Golden Syrup than actual beer.

Flavour: Heavy, Bitter, dark and Malty

Packaging: Sensational, Like someone has ripped the tattoo off the arm of a truckie and whacked it on a beer bottle.  Fucking Awesome.

Food Suggestions: There’s a steak in every bottle.

Ranking: Maybe just a Pot

Revisit 25-10-2011: I got this absolutely wrong when I first tried this. This is not a bad beer, I just wasn’t ready for it. 

I was right in saying this wasn’t the most attractive beer, surprisingly dark and muddy for an IPA. It smells of citrus and pine, combined with biscuit maltiness. The taste is not as bitter as you would expect, in the fight between malt and hops, malt just wins out.

Verdict: A very good beer that was clearly before it’s time – I’ll have a Pint.

2 thoughts on “Beast IPA

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