Knappstein Lager

Prologue: This beer seems to fit into the new trend of upmarket craft brew which are being produced by wine makers. If you think about it it makes sense. In a world where there is a wine glut and bottles are selling for $10, there has to be more money in Beer.

Appearance: Very Clear, golden smooth, and looks easy to drink, It looks sweet to me.

Flavour: A fruity aroma, which is kinda understandable given it comes from the Clare Valley which is where they make that alcoholic grape juice stuff.

Packaging: Friggin Classy isn’t it? More wine like than beer, Poofters. Got a certain olde world style to it.

Food Suggestions: Quail, Shortbeard and hard cheese, which sounds like an awesome, but massively pretentious meal.

Scores: A Jug Please


4 thoughts on “Knappstein Lager

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