Red Angus Pilsener

Prologue: Myself and feelow tipple brother MB went on tour this week to the hotel pretentious pub. We ordered a equally pretentious beer, Red Angus which again is made by a winery, this time De Bortoli, obviously Winmakers have realised the real art is in beer making. Any it’s a little tongue in cheek as it claims, we hope knowingly to be grain feed. If they are serious, then they are massive wankers.

Appearance: It looks like beer people, so boring everyday beer. \

Flavour: Smooth, calming, refreshing, and very, very nice. It tastes a little like a blonde, but you know, not a trashy one. One who keeps her roots touched up.

Packaging: I love the cow, the ear tag is a nice touch.

Food Suggestion: I had it with A Wagyu beef sirlion and a foie gras and mushroom pie, and it was excllent. Little MB had it will beef cheek, so I think the answer would have to be COW.

Possible Slogan: It’s fucking Awesome, no Bull

Ranking: A Jug Please


3 thoughts on “Red Angus Pilsener

  1. Dudes,Neal Cameron here the chappie that brews Red Angus. Thanks for the rap, glad you enjoyed the beer.The name is fully tongue in cheek I assure you but we remain, purely by coincidence, massive wankers anyway.Neal

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