The Beer you are having when your not having a Beer

Today, my favourite of all the 1980’s beer ads, and not just for the guy with the nifty moustache, and the chick is the plainly ridiculous hair style, but for the basic premise of the product.

Welcome to Swan Special Light, this is a beer that is, wait for it, 0.9% alcohol, so basically you are drinking yeast flavoured water here.

Don’t get me wrong I like a totally misguided socially responsible product as much as the next guy, but come on, 0.9%, you have got to be kidding.

Well apparently not, there was some marketing dude at the Swan Brewery (home of course to Alan ‘sorry can’t recall’ Bond) who thought, beer for guys who drive, that’s what we need. So he goes and talks to the admen of the day and explains

“We have this beer for guys who love their beer, but they want to be alright for when they drive, We don’t want them to have to worry about, you know not think twice, just drink Swan special Light.’

And of course the admen being 1980’s Beer salesmen, went, bloody oath, tough job, we gonna have to sing it if anyone will buy it, and behold they created this:

2 thoughts on “The Beer you are having when your not having a Beer

  1. Isn’t it against any sort of regulation and law to “promote” driving after drinking…even if it is a piss poor percentage of alcohol.Being the massive slapper that I am, give me about 30 of those bad boys and I will fuck him all night until that toupé falls off.

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