All Clichés all the time

Another low alcohol beer, and another killer commercial. Now last week we were told that the reason to drink low alcohol beer was to avoid those booze buses, but Tooth LA has a different approach.


What about all the other things that can go wrong when you drink too much:


  1. You wife hates you
  2. You are an obnoxious jerks and you spill shit on the young skank you a trying to pick up.
  3. You get a hangover.


Cue Admen, who of course chuck all of that into a song, combined with the mandatories, pastel shirts, seriously outdated views of women and dudes with awesome moustaches, and you have yourself brilliance in the form of Low Alcohol, and Low Calories beer, Tooth LA.


Any suggestion it was named after Los Angles because it lacked substance and taste and purely speculation. Possibly the LA could stand for Low Alcohol, but you know that seems a little obvious to me.

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