Baron’s Lemon Myrtle Witbier

Prologue: It had been a long week of being shafted by ‘The Man’. The man in question bears a striking resemblance to Scooby Doo villain, which makes me  deeply suspicious that he hates us meddling kids.

Anyway the point is it had been a long week so myself, Frewy, MB and Jords decided to hit the crappiest, yet best little pub in South Melbourne, and drown our troubles with a little of the amber fluid.

Because this pub is crappy (yet wonderful) it had a poor selection of Tipple worthy beers. However as it is also a backpackers pub it did have the beer equivalent of the tacky Australian Souvenir – Baron Brewing Australian Native beer range.

Appearance: This thing is very very yellow, almost Lemsip unnatural yellow.

Flavour: The first thing that strikes you in this beer is the Lemon. Is it subtle? Well it strikes you in the sort of way that a smacked out junky strikes you in a back alley and steals you wallet.

Jords described this as ‘The closest thing you could get to Seafood in a beer (this lead to a tangent about a Geelong brewing company who puts mussels in their beer, which sounding disgusting.) Frewy was a little less complimentary telling us that underneath the lemon, this was actually a reasonably ordinary homebrew.

Packaging: Packaging was awesome. It looked classy and clever, so it was out of place in the crappy, yet brilliant pub. The labels on this had a nice rough feel to it.

Food Suggestions: Seafood is the obvious choice, preferably on a decking overlooking the ocean, scallops would be nice, or lobster or possibly lobster stuffed with scallops.

Possible Slogan:
‘Get a Tingle on your Tongue.’

Scores: Let’s have a Schooner

We also tried their Black Wattle beer, check back Monday for that review.


3 thoughts on “Baron’s Lemon Myrtle Witbier

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