Baron’s Black Wattle Ale

Prologue: As I  mentioned in Friday’s entry myself, Frewy and MB  had popped down to the crap yet happy pub for a beveridge. After the Summer Lemon concoction we thought we should change to something more apt as the wind and rain pelted the windows of the pub, so it was with this mission that MB was sent back to the bar. He returned with three Black Wattle Ales. (Three not four as Jord was still on the lemon drink)

Smell: We shall actually start with smell. Now I’m not sure if any of you have ever made homebrew, but if you have you would know the treacle type stuff that comes in the big cans? Well this smells exactly like that, which makes me think that’s how they make this stuff, Homebrew, then throw in some native Australian plant and away you go.

Appearance: Dark, Dark like a publican at the crappy yet lovely pub. This is a true ale, with next to no carbonation, it’s like the dark rye bread that aging hippies eat.

: This beer basically tastes like you are drinking slightly watered down Golden Syrup, it feels thick (but isn’t). It’s sweet, It’s heavy, it really shouldn’t be drunk unless you are sitting on a Chesterfield couch in front of an open fire.

Packaging: Just like the other one with a natty 1950’s pilot on it. Which reminds me of a strange trend in the 1940’s and 1950’s in advertising. If they wanted the product to appear new and exciting they would put a plane in the Ad. So watch out for ads with 1950’s bikini babes with a plane flying by in the background to sell toasters and  shit.

Food Suggestions: We spent a great deal of time suggesting that this was in fact a meal in a bottle however Frewy seemed to think it was actually an entrée, And entrée to what you ask? well it appears anything gamey. There were suggestions of Kanagroo Steak, Duck Triune, and the very specific Honey Soy Emu Kebabs.

Most fitting however was pancakes, which makes me think given the sweetness this could be a perfect breakfast beer.

Scores: A Jug Please


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