Beer & the Art of Fast Bowling.

So I’m sticking to the Light Beer advertisements, we have learnt that they are good for driving, getting out of trouble with the trouble and strife, picking up sluts and of course for avoiding hangovers, but now there’s more light beer help you play cricket better.

That’s right this gem from those crazy south Australians – West End shows that if you as a red blooded Australian need to whack the crap out of a Indian with the cricket ball you are going to need to get yourself some West End Light.

That’s right Beer makes you better at sport. I have to admit however that I’m a little concerned with the narrative on this ad, Is there a suggestion that the bowler is on the full strengths for the first few balls and then goes away and has his West End Light and instantly he becomes a fast bowling speed machine, fuck that beer must be good (It’s West End and Light so here’s a tip it’s not good, at all).

And the Moustache count for this advert – a disappointing two.


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