Young’s Luxury Chocolate Double Stout

Prologue: It was a dark and stormy night. No, hang on. It was a dark and stormy day in Melbourne town, the type of day that has you running for a duffle coat, a nip of port and a nice sit down in front of the fire.

Unfortunately I was stuck in a building with all the cosiness of an operating theatre, and a colour scheme to match, but this wouldn’t stop me from embracing winter with a nice warming stout.

Stout of course has a high degree of difficulty, it could all go wrong very quickly, so with this in mind myself and MB headed to the local market and sought out the least threatening stout we could find. Young’s Luxury Double Chocolate Stout, It has both Luxury and Chocolate in the title so it’s got to be nice right?

Appearance: Looks like a Coke, which is helpful when drinking in an office, which we were, an office in South Melbourne with a no alcohol policy.

Flavour: Surprisingly enough, it tastes like chocolate, powdered chocolate in fact, and beer, which is a good combination one would think.

Packaging: 500ml bottles, which is a massive plus, because it’s a glass and a half, just like some other chocolate with a purple label.

Food Suggestions: It’s no secret that I’ve been searching for the perfect beer to have with waffles since a night at the Belgian Beer Café when I was told that it was socially acceptable to drink beer with waffles. This could indeed be that beer.

Possible Slogan: Chicks have Cadbury, Blokes have Stout

Scores: I’ll have a Pint Thanks


5 thoughts on “Young’s Luxury Chocolate Double Stout

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