Now Fosters, rightly or wrongly must be Australia’s most famous beer, and during the 1980’s they even tried selling it to Australians, of course it didn’t work, so they went back to convincing poms that this stuff was worth drinking. They way we don’t drink Fosters makes me think that Irishman don’t drink Guinness, Mexicans don’t drink Corona and the French don’t eat Yoplait, but I digress.

Back to the Ad, It has an awesome little jingle, that’s true. You know Australians do love a party, and we don’t need a reason at all. It’s at this point that it all falls down though. Australia loves a Fosters, um no we don’t, at all, sure you can repackage it as Crown Lager and we’ll drink it, but as Fosters, get fucked.

Other Highlights, a dude dressed as a pirate, why?no idea, other thanPirates are like cool man. A Chick in white bib and brace overalls, now why haven’t these made a comeback?and of course a B & S ball, because, you know all Aussies go to B&S balls, Nice bubble dress from one of the chicks at said B&S ball as well

Moustache count? Zero, not even one from the vaguely ethnic looking waiter. This is off course the reason that Fosters isn’t successful.

Next Week, How Australian are Fosters Really?


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