Bev and Mick’s Draught


Appearance: It looked like beer, I nice simple Carlton Draught style beer, it had a little more head than we would have liked, but hell beer is beer isn’t it?

Flavour: We have always had a sneaking suspicion that Bev & Mick’s Draught was just the spillage from the previous night, It did however tatste marginally better than that though. It tasted like a run of the mill beer, with a slight aftertaste, which Duggo confidently told us meant you would get a huge hangover if drunk it all night. If there is anyone who would know about Bev & Mick’s inflicted hangovers it would be Duggo, or maybe Mick himself.

Packaging: Well like all great beer it came out of a tap into a Jug, I must say it was one of the better jugs we seen at Bev & Micks, (except maybe on Caroline the English backpacker who use to live there) not a single crack in it, okay it was a little dirty, but hey there is nothing wrong with that. Importantly Bev & Mick’s is also the only place where you a Jug is five pots not four and a bit. Also it was $11* so it’s value.

Food Suggestions: Something shit, like a chicken roll from Seven/11.

Possible Slogan: We had a few of these: ‘Tastes like Arse’ seems a little harsh ‘Not the worse beer around’ was slightly better, but not great, so we finally settled on ‘You can’t go wrong with Bev & Mick’s

Ranking : Let’s have a Schooner

So all in all not the worse beer out there, not the best, but good value and a great little pub to drink it in.

* It should be noted that the price of beer and Bev & Mick’s is elastic, based on who serves you, who you are, and what day of the week it is.



4 thoughts on “Bev and Mick’s Draught

  1. I prefer to drink a scotch on the rocks, while sitting outside on a sofa, smoking a cigar after a hard day at the office. However on those nights I don't feel like a scotch I go to Bev & Micks. It's my home away from home. It will be sad to see Duggo go. I will be at Duggo's farewell and I will celebrate his departure in true 'Duggo' style. Get pissed, try to pick up a English slapper, end up at Kittens with Nick Army and spend an entire months salary on a whore named Krystal Glassware.Denny Crane

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