Fosters I Am Australian

A slight departure this week from the 80’s singing advertisements, rather we are going to look at a Fosters advertisement from maybe 6 or 7 years ago. This was Foster’s last attempt to sell their crap beer to us, they figured that they should tell us how wonderful Australia is, and then tell us that Fosters is the best beer on earth.

Don’t get me wrong I think it’s a fucking awesome ad, It makes me feel a lot more Australian than any Telstra ad ever has, I don’t own a Kangaroo, I am a rock, My brother is a Wong, I am the ocean, I do sit in the front seat of a taxi, I’m not sure about wearing my flag with pride after those cockbags in Cronulla ruined it for everyone else, but Australia! Fuck yeah !

But you see because I’m Australian I’m also lazy, and I steal shit, Waltzing matilda told me it was okay, and it seems so does Foster’s creative people, you see they seemed to have just stolen the entire idea from Molsen’s – a Great Canadian Beer.


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