Moosehead Lager

Prologue: So after viewing the Molson advertisement, we desperately wanted to be Canadian, so we started off by going hunting and then snowmobile racing on the roof of the South Melbourne Market. After this failed due to lack of snow (and snowmobiles) we decided instead to get ourselves some Canadian Beer (which is surprisingly hard to find in Australia). Alas we couldn’t find Molson’s but we did find one Canadian Beer – Moosehead lager.

So I found MB and after discussion we decided needed to find a guest drinker, I looked for a Canadian, but couldn’t find one, so instead as a homage to the best Canadian TV show ever – Degrassi Junior High I found a kid called Wheels, impressive? I thought so.

Appearance: So it was yellow, very, very yellow, there was some suggestion that it looked like urine when you are slightly dehydrated, why you would be studying your piss this closely is anyones guess.

Flavour: I generally don’t like lagers, but this was was smooth, It was clear, sparkling , and a touch fruity. It had a certain quality of not quite flat lemonade.

Packaging: I liked the packaging, it had a moose on it, which was convenient given the name of the beer. It also had a picture of a moose on the inside of the lid. Because we are freaks for trivia we still prefer the challenging questions on the Carlton Draught lids, but hey a moose is better than nothing.

Food Suggestions: Ironically we feel this is a beer best suited to warmer climes, all the food suggestions screamed summer, A warm beef salad with French dressing, calamari and salmon.

Ranking: Let’s have a Schooner


2 thoughts on “Moosehead Lager

  1. A Canadian walks onto a bus, beheads & disembowls a fellow passanger…….Oh wait that isn't a joke, that really happened. Fucking Canadians. I like to shoot animals, especially Moose, with big guns. Denny Crane

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