Michelob seems to have made somewhat of a comeback recently in the Australian market, particularly with the fairer sex, Now I would argue that this is because as it is an American beer, it taste like water and thus is perfect for women, who, you know generally don’t actually like beer*


But what if you had to sell beer to Chicks, well being men in advertising we would make the conclusion that Chicks can’t drink as much as men, solution, smaller bottles of beer, simple


Plus check out the head on the beer, and the head of the spokeswomen for that matter, what I fucking terrible hair do, plus what’s with the outfit? Are they suggesting she is a giant lesbo? Surely if you were a women in the 70’s that drunk beer you were a dyke right?


* we should state that here a ‘Great Set of Tipples’ we love chicks who love beer, they are the best chicks in the world. And we don’t care if you are a lesbian, drunk lesbians are funny. So in summary Beer drinking chicks are cool and we want to go out with you, lesbians are cool, beer drinking bi sexual girls who are willing to go out with me are 2 X super cool.


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