Vic Bitter

So this ad is probably the most classic Australian beer ad ever, so it’s about time that we paid homage to it, This version in from 1974 in glorious Black and White is my favourite, even though it lacks a moustache, there are plenty of reasons why it is still a masterpiece:

2 Seconds in: The dude at the start with awesome flares, on the top of the crappiest shed I’ve ever seen.

9 Second mark – the line ‘Blowing so hard you could burst’ – now I’m assuming the 1970’s were more innocent times when this line wouldn’t make young men snigger knowingly, but I actually think the admen with there coke lines, knew exactly what they were saying, leading of course to my conspiracy theory that VB was a beer actually aimed at Gay guys.

16 Seconds in: Two VB’s on a silver platter, now the 70’s were classy, but I’m not sure a VB has ever been drunk out of anything other than a paper bag.

25 Seconds in: they have now covered off the huge Wood Chopping Beer swilling market, time to go after those guys who dig holes.

28 Seconds – my second favourite bit of the ad, we enter the den, this look like a underground room where men in tight pants play pool to impress their, equally tightly panted, albeit slightly dumpy ladies. But wait there’s more, a secret panel in the wall that opens up to reveal a bar full of VB and fancy glasses, this is fucking heaven

51 Seconds in – and we reach my favourite bit, two guys, a tablecloth, beer and a Pipe, a fucking pipe, that’s right the marketers have said ‘What if you alienate the old fellas with all these youngens with all this fraternising with ladies in underground pool halls? You know what would fix this? An old guy smoking a pipe.

And the best thing of all – They are constantly drinking out of long necks, that’s right, no pissweak stubbies for them, everyone, even the chicks and cracking open a longy and that is the tipples way.


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