Prologue: As the night continued and the military garb was removed it was time to break out the Obolon, that’s right it’s everyone’s favourite beer from the Ukraine. it was met with well founded skepticism, and rightfully so. Sure the Ukrainians might be able to produce world class gymnasts and pole vaulters, but could they produce beer? You would think that there would be hundreds of years of brewing tradition in Obolon land, but a quick search of the interweb tells me that in fact Obolon dates back only to the 1980 Moscow Olympics, which it was the official beer of. Impressed by both my knowledge and the aptness of this beer in this an Olympic week? Well so am I, I assure you that like all tipples related antics, it was a complete accident.
Appearance: I’m starting to really hate this question, it looked like beer, yellow type beer, I could make a yellow cake nuclear reactor joke but frankly I can’t be fucked, and would it be funny, and mean would it really?
Taste: It was a airy lager, with a slight sweetness to it, we felt that it tasted more like 5.1% alcohol rather than 5.2%
: The packaging is frankly terrible, it’s dated, shit, and crap, it’s tacky and cheap looking, it reminded us of a certain Georgia that isn’t situated in the Baltic states.
Drinking Location Suggestion: The perfect beer for drinking in an abandoned Nuclear reactor, with your three headed friend Karloff, and given the stubbies are 500ml, you could share it with a least one of the three heads.
Food suggestion: What else would you eat it with but Chicken Kiev.
Possible Slogans: “I’d like to invade your Georgia.’ Actually soviet, not like that crap lemon Ruski shit.
Ranking: Let’s have a schooner



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