Black Sheep Ale

Prologue: It was like a VB ad, myself and MB had been moving boxes all day, or rather we had watched guys dressed in florescent clothing moving boxes. So by 4pm we felt that we deserved a long cold beer, it was in this mindset that we delved into the soon to transported fridge and came up with the Black Sheep Ale.

First Impressions: Like anything labeled black sheep (except perhaps the awesome NZ Zombie sheep film) this was a problem child, on opening it spewed itself onto nice clean carpet, we were concerned for a second, then remembered we were moving, so after kicking a hole in a nearby wall we sat down for a refreshing beverage.

Appearance: This had the look and smell of a home brew, albeit a well made one.

Taste: It also tasted like Home Brew, but again not in a bad way, it was probably a little too fizzy for an Ale.

Packaging: The packaging was very nice indeed as had some fruit, grapes we believe embossed into the glass, what Grapes have to do with beer we don’t know, I mean beer comes from the beer tree right?

 Drinking Location Suggestion: This is a beer best enjoyed on the slopes of a New Zealand Mountain just after you have killed off the zombie sheep, the crazy hippie and of course got the girl.

Food suggestion: Lamb seems about right doesn’t it.
In a word: Baaaaaaahhh
Possible Slogans: Who’s driving the car.
Ranking: Let’s have a Schooner



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