Melbourne Bitter

In honour of the ‘Have you considered Pete Trivia Team which through some sophisticated cheating, and Rock Paper Scissors won the Corner Hotel Trivia Night last week today I look at a advertisement for Melbourne Bitter.Why Melbourne Bitter? Because after all the spouting of Alan Partridge alter egos, headlining acts for the Big Day Out and names for particle smashers all we won was a slab of Melbourne Bitter, what the fuck are we going to do with that? We surely can’t drink it.

Now this ad has a conspicuous lack of singing in it (although there is some nice background dancing) but it still worth viewing because there are so many things that a wrong with it, and it’s not just the aqua polo shirt and tight perm hair.  

Now both of the main characters are clearly morons they have both fallen for some stupid slapper who is sleeping with a tight permed men, a guy who is clearly gay and a truckie, why does she have no standards? Then they solve all their problems with a can of Melbourne Bitter, which is fucking unlikely. What they should have done is punch each other, or maybe choose the stubbie instead and glass eachother – now that would be an awesome ad.

What I like most of all though is the look from the Barmaid – it is clearly a -‘ will you two fucking shut up and just order already look’ – maybe she should glass them, really someone needs to be glassed here.

Firstly we are meant to believe that the main character can walk around in Melbourne with a jacket slung over his shoulder like a Hugh Grant wannabee without getting the crap beaten out of him, furthermore we are expected to believe that there is a jazz club in Melbourne that are willing to serve Melbourne Bitter, if telling the truth this ad should be set in a backpacker pub which are selling $8 jugs of Melbourne Bitter to unsuspecting, and largely uncaring English pissheads.  


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