Prologue: It was a sunny day in Tipple Land, I’d had thrown off the cardigan, whereas MB had thrown off his shoes and donned the thongs for an afternoon of work. In this mindset we set off down the street to get a summer ale at a store which I will call The Prince Winestore, because well that’s what it’s called. We asked the advice of the resident clerk – he advised a Cerveza from a small micro brewing in Spain, he warned us it was expensive, but good, We thought that’s sounds a bit wanky, so it seemed right for us.

First Impressions: That they had been carried home by Michael J Fox, this fizzed like a Pauly Shore movie.

Appearance: It was in a bottle so it was a little hard to tell, we did pour it into a water bottle to get a better idea, but then it just looked like urine.

Taste: Surprisingly complex for a Spanish summer ale (It did dawn on me later that I have no previous experience of Spanish summer ales, so why this surprised me I don’t know.) There was a suggestion it tasted like Chicken, which is plainly stupid, so let’s say it tasted like a high flavoured blonde beer.

Packaging: An alluring and possibly Argentinian woman, in a 70’s style. It was at this point that it became evident that MB was pissed and he wandered off.

Drinking Location Suggestion: In a trying too hard alley bar, on a hot summer night, with some fucking moron in a hat, and beard.

Food suggestion: Burrito, chicken.
In a word: Cervesa e molto bien (yes that is three different languages, none of them correct)
Scores: I’ll have a pint thanks


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