Prologue: So it’s been a while since I did this whole beer tasting thing, so I thought I’d better ease back into it with something not too challenging – it was with this lazy thought in our head that I along with regular drinking buddy MB wandered across the road to Bev & Mick’s and ordered everyone’s favourite Japanese beer Asahi. (Upon reflection I have now remembered that there is another Japanese beer I’m quite fond of and have reviewed on a napkin, but never e-wrote or whatever the appropriate funky term for writing on the internet is – so check back for that sometime next week) – Anyway – point is we were drinking Asahi at lunchtime today and here is what we thought.

First Impressions: Wow Bev and Mick’s has really smartened up its act hasn’t it? Fucking Boutique Japanese beers on offer, in a bottle, in the fridge, who would have thought (on closer inspection our Japanese Beer was brewed under license in the Czech Republic, which makes me think Nooei might have got it off the back of a truck somewhere.) 

Appearance: It was yellow, like, ummmmm, something that is Yellow and Japanese, hmmmm Michael,Chang, nope that’s not right he’s American, well something else.

Taste: like a sugary dim sim, unless of course that was the donuts from the market.

Packaging: ohhh silvery, kinda like the bombs the Japanese dropped on Darwin. That’s right, just like the old guys at our table when we were drinking we haven’t forgotten (on closer inspection the old guys at our table had forgotten the war, as well as their dentures)

 Drinking Location Suggestion: In a Japanese bathhouse with a Sumo wrestler and a Geisha, and another racially insensitive stereotype.

Food suggestion: In the most disgusting comment of the day MB suggested ‘Used Panties from a vending machine.’ He followed this up with ‘Is that Indian Pete over there?’

In a word: Wheels – this means nothing unless you know that Wheels (the person, not an actual rounded object) is in Japan at the moment.

Possible Slogans: Big Taste in Little Tokyo (that”s so fucking good we all did a line of coke each, just like real creative directors)

Ranking: I’ll have a pint thanks


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