KB Draught

Ahhh, the Bong Bong country races, the perfect setting for an advertisement about beer. Why? Because it’s the country which is fucking Aussie, and Bong Bong just sounds a bit rude. Not as rude a Spanker’s Knob in Gippsland, but hey KB Draught is a NSW beer so they had to stick with this – Although Finger Post (near Mudgee) could have been a better bet.

But I digress, back to what makes this ad great. The story, It’s a perfect early 1980’s Aussie story, first we introduce the dude in the stubbies and tux jacket – the height of fashion in those days. Second the slutty receptionist, this of course a time when the key responsibilities for the receptionist was answering phone calls and giving head jobs, plus her name is Raelene, I’m sure that no one has been called Raelene since 1983.

The thing that really dates this ad though is the bashing of the computer. This was a time before the internet so this was a time before men realised that computers were the world’s most powerful tool for finding porn, so we thought that computers would never be smarter than people. Now of course I know sixteen people who are dumber than my tamagotchi.

Okay so we have hit the half way mark of this ad, and there has been no singing and you couldn’t sell beer in the 80’s without a song so it’s time to cue the jingle, the key line – Shake hands with a cold cold beer.’ This sounds like a euphemism to me….




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