Prologue: Last week I promised you an extra special tasting of another Japanese beer, so here it is:

Last Year some time Myself and man who may or may not be Pete went to lunch at a Japanese restaurant and we drunk, surprise surprise Beer. MB was not with us because, just like The Beatles some chick had broken us up, chicks, nothing but trouble.

First Impressions: Why the fuck am I sitting on the ground? Beer, hmmm, beer.

Appearance: Golden, like a sunrise over a golden Kobe mountain (if Kobe has mountains, I’ve have no idea if they do, because well we don’t actually do any research for this stuff)

Taste: It was very lager like, heavier than many a Japanese beer.

Packaging: It has fat Samurai on the label (Later research tells me it’s the God Ebisu, so the next bit might send us to hell.) In fact he looks like a Thai guy lugging around a fish. It also tells us that it is ‘100% Beer’ which kind of makes me question what percentage of beer is in all other beers. Also it’s 334ml, that’s 4ml more than your average boutique beer – so you know it’s value for money.

Drinking Location Suggestion: like the Salteens’ song – On a cold floor in Japan after we’ve played a show (I’m not in a band, nor have we ever been to Japan, so that makes no sense at all)

Food suggestion: Seaweed crackers or something else Japanesey

In a word: No Y

Possible Slogans: Yebisu, Yep Beer Sure….

Random Wikipedia Style Trivia: There is a neighborhood in Tokyo called Ebisu, which is named after the beer, that’s fucking ace, how good would it be to live in Carlton Draught or Melbourne Bitter.

Ranking:  Let’s have a Schooner


3 thoughts on “Yebisu

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