Abbots Lager

Today we have borrowed the way back machine and we are climbing in to go back to the free and easy sixties, a time of hippies and free love, but not in Melbourne town, in Melbourne every man still wore a suit, and played piano, and beer was still served on sliver platters. Or at least it was in Abbots Lager Land (which unless I’m wrong, might well have been Abbotsford).

Abbots Lager, a great beer, and a great ad. It seemed even in the sixties the way to sell beer was to sing about it, of course this was the sixties so there wasn’t any chicks in bikinis or Queensland cricketers, rather this had great role models, like The engineer (this was a time when being an engineer was obviously a good thing, rather than a euphemism for drunken buffoon, also in the sixties an engineers’ primary role involved cuckoo clocks for some reason)

The ‘Abbots’ drinker is a very selective being though, let’s have a look at it….

A man who knows the right time of day. So that would be a man with a watch then, that narrows it down doesn’t it?

A man who has an ear – well now we are getting somewhere, one eared guys, so Vincent Van Gogh and Uncle Chop Chop it is then.

If she’s a girl who knows how to catch trout, now I understand this is the sixties so if Madmen has taught me anything the creatives on this ad were most likely drunk, but what piece of research has identified ‘Trout catching women’ as the target audience for this stuff?

But all in all another brilliant classic beer ad, proving all the best ads are made for beer.


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