Bridge Road Bavarian Wheat Beer

Prologue: It was Friday Lunchtime, and Friday afternoon means it is time to head to one of those gastro pubs that ten years ago was a shithole that sold nothing but Carlton draught, VB and Invalid Ale and was frequented by dock workers. As this it now the late 20 zeros it now has some new carpets and is frequented by advertising wankers who arrive in a Audi four wheels drive and spend the first ten minutes they were there playing with their balckberrys and ignoring the waitress.
First Impressions: What’s this? A pretentious gastro pub that serves beer in a standard pot glass, that makes no sense. Where is the oversized stemmed glass with a logo on it and a gold rim?
Appearance: Cloudy like a wheat beer should be, a pale yellow, even a little dull

Taste: This was a true wheat beer, it genuinely tasted like wheat, it had that slight tangy aftertaste that it should have had.
Packaging: It came in a glass, as all good beer should. The internet sourced picture of the bottle tells me that it’s a little crap actually, sure I like the Bavarian font and the griffin like creature but I fucking hate that logo. I get it that bridge road is in fact not from Richmond as I first expected, but rather from Beechworth and Ned Kelly spent some time hanging around there, but you know that’s no reason to put him on a beer label, and why the fuck is he topless? This is the equivalent of a topless Carl Williams on some beer label and no one needs to see that.
Drinking Location Suggestion: Maybe you could go up to the Beechworth Bakery and drink it there, except you wouldn’t because the Beechworth bakery is the most overrated bakery in Victoria, and possibly anywhere in the world.
Food suggestion: I had it with a some lovely squid, and then black pudding, and some port crackling, and fuck it worked well, so you know do that.
In a word: IDies ist ein großer Bier – Ja (if you can work that out then, fuck off man Juden töten Nazi-Arschloch, or alternatively, Hi Shaun, nice to see you)
Possible Slogans: Bridge Road Bavarian Wheat Beer, it’s a mouthful
6 degrees of Norm: Where we link every beer back to Norm from Cheers (George Wendt) in 6 easy steps.
1. At the Bridge Road Brewery in Beechworth they make Pizzas,
2. Just like they did in the Pizza Shop of Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Shop, which starred Traylor Howard
3. Who was in Me, Myself and Irene, with Jim Carrey
4. Who was in Man on the Moon with Danny De Vito
5. Who is the husband of Rhea Pearlman
6. Who was in Cheers, and often served beer to Norm.  I’ll have a Pint Thanks  

Ranking: I’ll have a Pint thanks


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