The Brewer’s Nose

Earlier this week, I took the facebook advice of a friend now first things first, this is not like actual advice that you might receive face to face as there is no recourse if facebook advice goes wrong. Now I should also state that this friend does have CUB as a client, and thus is contractually obliged to recommend CUB beer related products. But putting all of these concerns aside I decided to go check out what he claimed equaled awesomeness.

This awesome thing was an Iphone app called ‘The Brewer’s Nose’ from Cascade brewery. If you haven’t checked it out, go to the app store and download it right now (but you will have to be at a computer to do it, you can do it through your phone).

This thing is amazing, and indeed might even equal awesomeness. It has a database of beer (Which I’m yet to stump by the way). You scan the barcode on your stubbie or if you are in a pub with a pot in your hand thumb type the name in with your free hand and BINGWA! up pops all you need to know about that beer.

There is style, flavour, a description, a bit of history, food matching suggestions and finally a place for you to add your own tasting notes and even keep track of what you drunk (which I would find very helpful after beer nine when i try to remember what that second beer was that I liked.)

It even allowed me to answer the age-old question ‘What beer should I drink with Waffles?”

Kind of sounds like Great Set of Tipples without the racist taunts, ill-informed back stories and in jokes. That got me thinking. Here’s what I thought “I really should fire up interweb machine and get Tipples back on track.”

So here it is the new, improved, still quite green, but far less abusive, and non accepting of non de plumes “A Great Set of Tipples.”

I’m nominally doing it by myself now days but I would suspect that all the drinkers of the past; MB, Frewy, Jord, Pete, Duggo and co may well make an appearance from time to time.

So take a seat at the bar, and get ready for the tasting to begin.


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