2 Brothers James Belgian Brown

Prologue:  As previously mentioned here and here last week I was at my brother’s for a birthday BBQ. Part of the present my dad bought him was a four pack of James Belgian Brown from his local brewhouse 2 Brothers.

Because my brother is a nice guy he shared a bottle with his brother, which is me, which makes us 2 brothers. Because of this I can bring you the story of one of the more exciting and tasty beers I’ve sampled in recent times.

First impression: ‘Scan it’ was yelled at me. That’s right we had been playing with the Brewer’s Nose app most of the afternoon, and we thought that this brew (being seasonal and all) would stump the App, and it did, so take that brewer’s nose I’m better drunk that you are.

Appearance: This looked like a nice creamy cola, it looked how ‘Long Shot’ claimed it would look like, but didn’t.  

Taste: We started with a sniff. It smelt of nothing. Somehow this beer had managed to keep all its flavour in the liquid and not let even a little bit escape into the air. Then I tasted it. It was good, Very Good. It tasted of toffee. This was a 9% alcohol beer. High alcohol beer normally smacks you around the head, but this doesn’t. It is remarkably smooth, you ease into it like a funky James Brown tune.   

Packaging: Lacklustre. The bottle seems to pretend that it hand stamped with batch numbers, and brewer initials (it would seem Andrew made ours). I assume this is meant to show how rare it is. Nice idea, but there was so much promise here. James Brown is the personification of cool. They should have taken the beer coaster image and used that.

Food suggestion: We were up to the point of the evening where we were drinking chocolate infused coffee, which this complimented well. I would also like to suggest soul food.  

Possible Slogans: It seems obvious doesn’t it? James Brown – ‘I feel good’ They could even turn the video below into the ad.

6 degrees of Norm: Where we link every beer back to Norm from Cheers (George Wendt) in 6 easy steps.

1. James Belgian Brown is obviously named for James ‘Godfather of Soul’ Brown  
2. James Brown appeared documentary about the Rumble in the Jungle  ‘When we were Kings’   
3. As was Spike Lee, who directed Son of Sam  
5. Which starred Bebe Neuwirth, who played Lilith in Cheers.
6. Who was Frasier Crane’s wife, drinking buddy of Norm.   

Ranking: A Jug Please


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