James Squire Sundowner Lager

Prologue:  Softball had been called off for another week, so the softballers with lovely sponsor Claire in tow headed to the pub to work on our drinking skills, which were always better than our softball skills anyway.

First impression: There was something about the name Sundowner that made me think 1970’s beachside caravan park and a Datsun 120Y

Appearance: This was a golden yellow colour, hence the name, the condensation was forming on the bottle and it looked like the perfect summer drink. There we strong of bubbles rising in the middle of the glass, like a perfect beer advertisement.  

Taste: There was slight fruity aftertaste, that again reminded me of summer.  It was refreshing, thrist quenching, and was like down and little ray of sunshine.

Packaging: Mine came in a glass, which was much nicer than the bottle, which is a little boring in my opinion (even if it does relate to the other James Squire brews)      

Food suggestion: I’m saying seafood.  

Possible Slogans: hmmmm, down and Sun, far too easy.  

6 degrees of Norm: We won’t be playing this game today as I’ve discovered the video below (Thanks TMZ) that would make it far too easy.

Now as well as appearing in Michael Jackson’s Black and White video George Wendt has appeared with the following people in ‘Let it Be.’

Roger Moore, Huey Lewis, Jason  Alexander, Ricki Lake, Josie Bisset (from Melrose place), Bergerac, Corbin Bernsen, Some hypnotisor, Right Said Fred, Tubbs from Miami Vice, Steve Guttenberg (clearly this inclusion was demanded by the stone cutters), Tonya Harding (yep, turns out she’s still alive), Daryl Hannah Glenn Close, Bud Bundy, Rene from Allo Allo (no mention of the Madonna with the big bobbies though), Alfonso Ribeiero, that’s right Carlton from the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Laura Palmer (not wrapped in plastic), Kathleen Turner, Ray from Beverly Hill 90210, Dolph Lundgren, Theo Cosby, Judd Nelson, Some chick from Falcon Crest, The hot chick from Top Gun (who is no longer hot), Sherilyn Fenn (also not as hot as she used to be), little Ricky Schroder, someone who looks suspiciously like Quelchy, Freddy Kruger, Boyzone, The Hulk, Peter Falk, Dee Snider from Twister Sister, One hit wonders Rednex who sung Cotton Eye Joe, and last but not least Fab Morvan from Milli Vanilli

Ranking: Let’s have a Schooner


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