UDL – It’s Ready

Something a little different today – not a beer ad, but something in the general family of alcohol that comes in a can. Yep today it’s a look at everyone’s favourite ready to drink – UDL.

Okay so ‘UDL is Ready for you.’ Is one of the crappiest taglines ever. Not a lot of thought has gone into it. Cue pretend conversation in the Ad agency circa 1974.

Dave: “Oi Trev come ‘ere.”

Trev: “Yes Davo.”

Dave: “We need a slogan for this new ready to drink product from UDL.”

Trev: Um, UDL, Ready to Drink, Um, UDL is ready?”

Dave: I like it Trev, but how will the young adults know that we are speaking their language, that this is for them.”

Trev: That’s a tough one Dave, but how about UDL is ready for YOU.”

Dave: Brilliant Trev, as it’s 1974 let’s wear our flares and platform shoes, objectify the receptionist in an inappropriate way and grow a moustache.  


What is really brilliant about this ad though is the none too subtle suggestion that UDL will allow you to root your girlfriend.  (this was from a time where there actually was truth in advertising).  Firstly there is the overall hippy free love vibe that’s going on, I have had a long held belief that sex was the only reason people got involved in the hippy movement. Peace, yeah whatever, sleeping with all your friends, awesome.  

Then there is the lyrics; “When you are ready to share more than a sunny day.” What he really means is  “When you are ready to lose your virginity with me.”

And do you like the breathless way that the girl says “When you are ready to share more than pop concerts.” You can just tell she is about to jump afro pirate’s bones right there in whatever livestock pen he has led he into.

Plus they played to the gay audience too. “When you are ready to live your own life (read come out)”  A guy in aviators, a tight t-shirt and drinking Gin and Tonic, no wonder his ‘girlfriend’ looks so moody.

And then what should have been the slogan ‘We make the drinks, you make the party.’ Zoom out to the long shot of what is clearly a swingers weekend in the hippy commune, and just enough time to sing the slogan in an incredibly high voice to assure us it’s okay for girls to drink the stuff.   


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