Red Hill Christmas Ale

Prologue:  Tipples are all about Christmas. We love fat guys in red suits, roasted chestnuts, and singing songs about hey-zeus and snowmen.

What we like more though is those little sausages you get with the roast turkey, plum pudding and rum sauce.

But until now this holiday has lacked a special beer.  Not anymore, now we have Red Hill’s Christmas Ale.

First expression: Fuck this thing better be good given it’s $8.50 a bottle (from Cloudwine in South Melbourne if you are searching for this very limited release). That’s about $200 a slab. Lucky I don’t have 23 friends so I needed the one.  

Then again it is 8.3% alcohol, so if you measure you beer by standard drinks it is two beers for the price of (an overpriced) one.  

Appearance: This is a dark cloudy beer with a full dirty brown head.

Packaging:  The packaging is classy, if not a little boring – a little bit like Red Hill itself actually.  

Taste: The first impression was; ‘That kind of tastes like my homebrew’ (in particular my Nut Ale homebrew), which was a little concerning. Thankfully this is smoother and more drinkable. In fact this should be a lesson to Brewdog  that you can produce a high alcohol beer that is still smooth and luxurious rather than a punch in the head.

It was everything it promised to be spicy and malty with slightly bitter aftertaste, and it made me feel good inside.  

Food suggestion: Half way through I decided it needed to be drunk with chocolate so I found some Cadbury dairy milk, and it worked very well. I would suggest that this could go with Plum Pudding and rum sauce or any sugary sweet dessert.   

Possible Slogans: So this is Christmas, and what have you drunk?

Random Christmas Beer Fact: Danish breweries add to the spirit of Christmas in their own inimitable ways… As early as an afternoon in mid November, you may see horse-drawn Tuborg or Carlsberg wagons decked out with garlands and Danish flags delivering the year’s specially brewed Julebryg, or ‘Christmas Brew’, with Santa capped staff handing out free samples.

Tuborg’s Christmas beer weighs in at a powerful 5.7% alcohol, and it’s arrival is yet another reason for a party. Almost every Danish brewery now launches a Christmas beer, some of which are even stronger than Tuborg’s. However, for the ladies, Carlsberg have considerately been providing Julepilsner, (a mere 4.6%) since the 1920’s.

“J-day” (from the Danish word for Christmas beer: Juleøl) is normally the first Friday in November. At exactly 8.59pm the Christmas beer is launched, and you will find that practically every bar, café or pub in every town or city in Denmark will be buzzing with young people enjoying the first Christmas beer of the year. A great way of getting into the Christmas spirit!

Ranking: I’ll have a Pint thanks

And as Tipples special Christmas present I give you this………..

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