Stone and Wood Draught Ale

Prologue:  Stone & Wood is another of those breweries that people bang on about all the time.

In the past I’d avoided their brews as I had deemed them ‘Hippy Beer’ based on the fact that it was from Byron Bay and that the label had a certain unwashed long haired stoner vibe to it.

But examining the menu at The Spencer this was the  ‘The only beer on the list I had never tried.’ (having ordered the Lord Nelson already).

Part of the Tipples philosophy is that if there is a beer on a menu that is untried, it must be tried.   

First expression: I know how people wank on about smelling beer and picking up notes of passionfruit and citrus? You know how normally that’s a load of crap that is just meant to give the impression that we are at least as good as if not better than cheese eating, Wine poofters?  We’ll I gave this one a smell, and there it was, passionfruit. It wasn’t subtle, it wasn’t a hint of, it smelt like I’d drunkenly fallen into a passionfruit vine.

Appearance: This is a light beer with little head, it is certainly at the ale end of the spectrum.

Packaging:  As I mentioned, hippy crossed with American summer camp/Griswald’s adventures/ 1970’s Macrame pot plant holder/ Grass Roots magazine. In fact I’m surprised it didn’t try to read my aura

Taste: I wanted to like this beer, I really did, but I didn’t. I found the fruit flavours so overpowering. For light style beers (meaning not malty, nutty roasted beers) I prefer a wheaty taste, but this was passionfruit all the way.   

Food suggestion: Fruit salad maybe? Some ice-cream, something else light and not overpowering.    

Random made up Reader question:

What the hell is Draught Beer?

Technically speaking Draught beer is beer that is served from a keg. So at a pub or on premise as the industry likes to call it.

So how can they call this Draught if it’s in a bottle? Well they can call it whatever they want. It the same way Pure Blond is a Lager not a blonde beer (which is a golden ale).

Stone a Wood argue that they call this a draught because it is bottled straight from a storage tank at the brewery (not sure where other beer comes from if they are not poured from a storage tank but you know whatever you say hippy) they claim the ‘draught’ label implies freshness. Just like the ‘brewery fresh’ Carlton Draught (which is actually a pale lager).  

Possible Slogans: More an endorsement actually. I’d like them to sponsor a reunion tour for 1990’s Melbourne band Things of Stone and Wood. With support from the Late Show Crew.

Ranking:  Maybe just a Pot  


6 thoughts on “Stone and Wood Draught Ale

  1. Gees, Tipples – you are going to have to drink somewhere other than the Spencer if you’ve run out of beers to try. Stone & Wood Pale Ale – bloody good.

  2. Why no Norm link??

    How about this:

    1. Stone & Wood comes from Byron Bay which was named after circumnavigator of the world John Byron.
    2. John Byron was the grandfather of the poet, Lord Byron
    3. Lord Byron was played in a BBC TV Movie by Jonny Lee Miller
    Miller was married to Angelina Jolie
    4. Angelina Jolie was in the film “Life or Something Like It” with Tony Shalhoub
    5. Tony Shalhoub voiced a vehicle in the film “Cars” with John Ratzenberger
    6. John Ratzenberger played Cliff Caven, stool neighbour of Norm.

  3. Nice Norm work there Andre, sometimes I don’t include one becuase I can’t be bothered firing up the IMDB machine. Plus I thought the two video clips would be enough to keep you entertianed.

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