Fursty Ferret

Prologue:  I’m a huge fan of speech impediments. Ferrets are cool. Drunk ferrets doubly so.

I also enjoy a beer with a back story (true story not mandatory). The story here is that Miss Rose Gribble (I’m assuming an old spinster matron type) ran the Gribble Inn.  The beers at the Gribble Inn were so good that the pesky local rodents developed a cunning plan to break into said inn and steal the beer.

And thus Fursty Ferret was born (I can only assume ‘Those fucking gypo ferrets’ was taken)  

First impression: As it poured I could start to see why the ferrets would don the balaclavas and risk jail time.

Appearance: The beer had the colour of honey, rich smoked honey.  

Packaging:  I don’t like clear glass in beer bottles. It makes me have flashbacks to Carlton Cold, or Coldies as every blue singlet clad bogan called them in the mid 1990’s. Also the label and colour of the ale gave off a certain Jim Beam vibe. Which gave me move flashbacks of bogans. The ferrets are cute though.

Taste:.It was quite sweet and luxurious. It felt smooth.

Food suggestion: I actually drank this whilst feasting on some Christmas cookies, which where nutty with a light dusting of icing sugar – it was very all very civil.

Random Wikipedia Fact:  The Badger brewery who make Fursty Ferret was started in 1777 (which is why the bottle has 1777 embedded in it). Also born that year was Tu’i Malila. He was a tortoise who was given by James Cook to the royal family on Tonga. Why is this interesting? Because Tu’i was the oldest living animal on earth, he lived until 1965 – making him 188 years old.

Possible Slogans: It’s worth ferreting out.  

Drinking Location: In a Burrow, or ‘The Burrow’ from Harry Potter

6 degrees of Norm: Where we link every beer back to George Wendt (Norm from Cheers)

1.    Major Franklin Delano Marion ‘Frank’ Burns from MASH was known as Ferret Face

2.    He was played by Larry Linville, who was also in ‘Nightcourt’

3.    As was John Larroquette who played the Benjamin Lockwood in ill fated sitcom ‘Joey’

4.    with Lucy Lui who played Lauren Beck in 3 episodes

5.    Who is close friends with Rhea Pearlman

6.    Who played Carla in Cheers and served beer to Norm.

 Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint thanks


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