Frew Brew X 2

: An extra special almost the end of the year post today. Today comes two brews. Two home brews, two home brews called frew brew. One made by a Frew another named for a Frew.

Frews on the Left, Leon's on the Right


Confused? I’m not surprised.

The story starts maybe four years ago. Two not so young men are home brewing. One in Hawthorn, one in Aspendale. One is Robert Frew, One is yours truly.

Fast forward in to Christmas 2010. I decide to give Frewy a couple of bottles of old homebrew for ‘Christmas’ I hastily bang up a label using the imagine of Scooby Doo (AKA Scooby Frew) and  call the drink Frew Brew.

Fast forward again to yesterday and I receive the following text ‘Fancy a Scooby Brew at Frewville this arvo.’

And that how we came to be in the giant backyard in Hawthorn tasting homebrew made by myself and then homebrew made by one Robert ‘Scooby’ Frew.

First impression: Surprise, neither bottle exploded on opening. Upon pouring they resembled beer, beer than even looked drinkable.

Appearance: First up was my brew. It was a dark ale, possibly my attempt at a Kilkenny gone wrong (it was brewed nigh on four years ago and was never labelled at the time, so I have no idea) It had a dirty creamy head and plenty of carbonation. Robert ‘Disco’ Frew’s brew was just as dark, but less gassy.

Packaging: My Scooby label was the bomb. Robert ‘Dr Bob’ Frew had opted for the always classy Grolsch bottle.

Taste: They were both good beers (aging will do wonders for even the crappiest homebrew). Mine had hints of chocolate and caramel, with strong but not intrusive carbonation, surprisingly it even maintained this throughout a tour around the garden as we pretended to be Don Bourke with a beer.

Robert ‘Frewy’ Frew’s brew was only lightly carbonated, and unfortunately we found you had to drink it faster as the gas trained off with time. Again it was highly drinkable though – there were lovely burnt toffee flavours through it.

Food suggestion: Both would have gone well with a slow cooked brisket, unfortunately we were only at hour 9 of the 14 hour slow cook so we never did find that out.

6 degrees of Norm: Where we link back Robert ‘D to the R’ Frew’s Brew to George Wendt.

1.    This beer was made by Robert Frew

2.    Frew was the publisher of ‘The Phantom’

3.    Which was made into a movie starring Billy Zane

4.    Who was in Back to the Future as ‘Match’

5.    As was Christopher Lloyd as ‘Doc’

6.    And Christopher Lloyd was in two episodes of Cheers which starred George Wendt.

Ranking:  We both thought they were Jug worthy, So we had to let Jord decide – She suggested a Pint, I still think that’s generous.


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