Kronenbourg 1664

Prologue: I was standing in my local Dan Murphy’s starring at a fridge with a range of beer that was par excellence trying to decide what to buy and sample for this here blog.

I reached for the Kronenbourg 1664 and proclaimed ‘Ohh French.’

At this moment my girlfriend reminded me of ‘The Panache incident”

Picture it. It is a May evening in the most stylish city in the world; Paris. The sun is low in the sky and we have sat down outside a restaurant for an a la carte meal. I’m looking over the menu for a aperiitif. Nothing is jumping out at moi. All there is the  usual malaise of mainstream European beers.

But then I see it, a nouveau beer; a Panache. When the waiter returns with confidence I ask for “Un Panache s’il vous plait”

The garcon with a certain savoir-faire responds “But sir, you realise this is a beer with lemonade in it.”

I pronounced “Je m’en fous.”

This was how I managed to have a Shandy in Paris.     

First impression: Gee it’s sunny up here on the balcony. I think I shall place my beer here on this ledge. I think in a homage to the ‘Back of the Ferry’ boys I’ll take a photo of it will the Melbourne skyline in the background. Also this will allow you dear readers to be jealous of my ‘fricken awesome view’ sniff.   

Appearance: This was a perfect looking clear lager, backlit as it was, It looked impossible beautiful, like in the commercials.   

Packaging:  I fricken love the bottle. It’s stylish. The neck only label placement is very nice. The 1664 in embossed into the glass – classy.

Taste: Crisp is the overwhelming description, it is a classical refreshing lager with a slight hoppy taste.  

Food suggestion: Lemonade perhaps.

Drinking Location: This would be perfect to drinking at a sailing regatta with a guy called Francoise and another called Jean Pierre.   

Random Wikipedia Fact:  Kronenbourg has been brewed since 1664, 1952 (the 1664 relates to when the brewery was opened, as the Hatt Brewery and it was in kronenbourg Strasbourg)

Possible Slogans: I’m torn between ‘The only likeable French’ and something involving Rene from Allo Allo and the picture of the Madonna with the big boobies. Or maybe “I am French, surely you want to drink me.”

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint thanks   

6 degrees of Norm: Where we link every beer back to George Wendt (Norm from Cheers)

1.    Everyone’s favourite Frenchie is Audrey Tatou

2.    Who was in ‘The Very Long Engagement’ with Jodie Foster

3.    Who was in an episode of Frasier called ‘Moon Dance.’

4.    And Cliff from Cheers appeared in Frasier

5.    As did Diane from Cheers

6.    As did Norm from Cheers

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint thanks   

3 thoughts on “Kronenbourg 1664

  1. The homage was well appreciated up and down the NSW coast. Very nice beer porn – that is a nice view. I’ll have a Pint if someone else is paying – but no more of my hard earneds will be spent on a French beer brewed in Australia. Happy New Year Tipples.

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