Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

Prologue: Much like Brewdog and Stone & Wood this is another one of those breweries that people bang on about constantly.

I fact I’ve heard plenty of people claim that ‘Sierra Nevada’ changed the face of the American brewing. The US  had a reputation for bland tasteless commercial brews, but microbrewers like Sierra Nevada changed all that.

So I was quite excited when I saw this brew in Cloud Wine

I was a little less excited once I’d read this on Brew News 

  • Sierra Nevada (US)
    “We don’t have any distribution to Australia at this time so any Sierra Nevada beer you’ve seen is in fact “grey market” product sold internationally through third party distributors. We as a company are against the practice of grey market beer. We’ve asked our distributor partners to stop shipping unauthorized beer into the marketplace but it continues to happen against our will. In the end, we oppose this practice due to the lack of any insurance of proper handling in how it gets to its final destination.

It seems the brewery don’t want me drinking their brew. It also seemed that my brew had been imported into Australia via the UK so it had been on quite a journey. My hope was that it was treated well on the way.   

I had already bought it so what was I to do? I had to drink it. I promise however to not drink anymore unless I’m in the States.

First impression: Don’t you love that moment when you open a beer and the mist just sits in the neck of the bottle? The anticipation, the gentleness of the mist, amazing.

Appearance: I poured this beer into a stemmed glass. It was a mess of bubbles and frothy swirls. As it settled it cleared to a beautiful honey golden colour with a creamy head.      

Packaging:  I would never have selected this beer if I didn’t know their reputation. Put  simply I hate the label. It’s looks like the product of two hippy stoners. The pale green is terrible and their insistence in showing hops on the label is frustrating. I understand the importance of hops in generating taste but they are an ugly plant that should never be seen.  

Taste: This is a very smooth beer, it is thick with flavour, with low carbonation and some bitterness in the back of my throat. It was very refreshing and easy to drink.

 Food suggestion: I want to say a BBQ cook-out.   

6 degrees of Norm:

1.    Sierra Nevada is named after the mountain range in California

2.    It is in this mountain range that Disney’s “Homeward Bound” was set

3.    Which starred Robert Hays,

4.    Who was in a TV series called ‘Kelly Kelly’

5.    Which was Woody’s girlfriend’s name in Cheers.

6.    And Woody served beers to Norm.  

Ranking:  I’ll have a Pint Thanks

The ‘Long Bow’ YouTube clip:  Kelly by Woody from Cheers

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