Olympia Beer.

This is quite simply one of the strangest beer advertisements I’ve ever seen.

So let’s start with the fact that this is very, very girly, the main character is female which is never done, unless you are targeting women in a patronising way.

But maybe I’m under estimating this. It is possible that this advertisement is the cleverest piece of subliminal advertising ever seen.

It has most of the beer ad clichés.  Men working hard and getting the rewards of cold cold beer.  It has the beginnings of Toohey’s beer economy and even has mateship in a completely girly way “A true friend is a man with love in his heart and a kitchen table on his back.”

Because I’m a scholar of Freud (Not Sigmund, the guy from the Models) I see that the underlying theme in this advertisement and the whole of life for that matter is sex.

I can’t help thinking that her ‘Cross eyed Cat’ is a metaphor for something. I note that she ends up on the couch with her two ‘friends’ stroking her cat. I also note that the guy avoids her pussy when he is going down (the stairs).

Cat’s are obvious, but there are other classic symbols in there, The Piñata (I’d like to hit that), the one way arrow moving through the screen (they obviously couldn’t work a train going into a tunnel into the ad), the dude carrying mattresses in, twice. The first time whilst she sings ‘Tonnes of Fun’, and the second time ‘We were mighty tired by the time we were done.’

I’m sure they were.


2 thoughts on “Olympia Beer.

  1. The ad works. She’s a Modern Girl.

    Looking forward to your critique of Renee Geyer’s Swan Beer ad(?) from the 80’s.

  2. I think you’ll find the female leads’ name is Olimpia, as in Mount Olympia, adding another complex nutty layer to the ad.

    On the downside, it’s quite clear that both men are going to have a go at mounting Olympia, and probably at the same time. I say on the downside because I am not in this ad.

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