Quilmes Cristal

Prologue: Today we cross off the last continent on world beer drinking map (on this map Antarctica isn’t counted as a continent, and won’t be unitl the penguins learn to  homebrew) Quilmes Cristal is the most popular beer (with 75% market share no less) in Argentina, which for you geographically illiterate (read Americans) is in South America.

So with the drinking of this beer we have now tasted a brew from every major landmass on Earth – impressive huh?

First impression: Given the importance of this beer in the history of Tipples it had better not be one of those bland commercial lagers    

Appearance: This is not looking good. Out of the bottle, viewed from above it seemed almost clear. Once poured I held the glass up to the light, and saw that this was unmistakably a mainstream pale lager. Golden, almost luminescent with a pure white frothy head.     

Packaging:  It is claimed that the Quilmes label is designed in the colours of the Argentinean flag. This gives me flashbacks to NMFC’s ‘Argentinean’ clash strip, which was cursed, a jumper that North never won a game in (I’m talking in the past tense as I cling to the hope that we will never wear this monstrosity again.) thus I hate the packaging.

Taste: Very light, incredibly easy to drink, in fact it has so little taste that it is possible to forget you are drinking this whilst actually drinking it. The only real clue you are drinking beer is the slight hoppy aftertaste.

That’s not to say this is a bad beer, it’s incredibly refreshing , helped by the fact that it isn’t as gassy as most commercial lagers.   

Food suggestion: Something spicy.

Drinking Location: This is a perfect beer for a very hot climate. I like the idea of sitting outside on a hot night, drinking this whilst watching tango or salsa dancers.

Random Wikipedia Fact:  1,700,000 megalitres of Quilmes is produced every year. This is about the same as the capacity of all of Melbourne’s dams (1,812,175 megalitres). Which makes me think that in a perfect world we could drain the dams and fill them with beer.

6 degrees of Norm: Where we link every beer back to George Wendt (Norm from Cheers)

1.    Quilmes is from Buenos Airies,

2.    Which was the setting for ‘Starship Troopers’

3.    Which starred Neil Patrick Harris, who was in an episode of ‘Ed’

4.    Which also starred Julie Bowen, Who plays Claire Dunphy in ‘Modern Family’

5.    In which her mum is played by Shelley Long

6.    Who when playing Diane Chambers in ‘Cheers’ always called Norm ‘Norman’

Ranking:  Maybe just a Pot.


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