2 Brothers Chief

Prologue:  On Wednesday my brother and I or 2 brothers if you like took our dad on a pub crawl  historical walking tour.

As you may know I now live in North Melbourne, what you probably don’t know is that my dad used to live in West Melbourne and worked in North Melbourne (which through another beer related story is how I became a NMFC Supporter, but that’s a story for another day) The story for today is this. Dad used to drink in North Melbourne in his twenties so we took him on a pub crawl  ‘Historical Walking Tour’ of the pubs of his youth.

One of these was the Metropolitan Meat Market hotel. Famous for being the place where Christine Nixon was eating whilst Victoria burned, or famous to my dad as being an ‘eight to eight pub’ and a place where he pulled beers in the mid sixties

Today it was stop two, and then stop eight (we went back for dinner) in our pub crawl historical walking tour.

Oh and it’s where we tasted the ‘beer of the day’ 2 Brothers Chief, which is a Marzen, don’t know what a Marzen is? Read on my friends.

Made up Reader’s Question: Yo Leon, Love the blog, but what is a Marzen?

Well Marzen is a German style beer, marzen being German for March (as in the month). Back in 1539, which was before even my Dad was drinking, there was a brewing ordinance which stated that beer could only be produced between Saint Michaels day (29th of Sept) to Saint George Day (23rd of April).  This was basically winter time.

But the main drinking time was October (and Oktoberfest) so they would make their beer in March and then stick it in a cave with some ice (craved out of a nearby frozen lake) to store it through summer.

Similar to Indian Pale Ale which needed to survive the long journey to India, for the beer to keep this long it needed to be higher alcohol and highly hopped. Chief is 6.3%.

Appearance: This was a darkish ale, amber in colour, with just a slighty dirty head.  

Taste: An amazing beer. It was smooth, easy to drink, sessionable (we gave that a good testing on our return dinner visit). It had a clean biscuity aftertaste. I assume coming from some toasted malt. My brother described it as ‘Like a ginger bread man, without the ginger.’   

Packaging:  Don’t think you’ll be wandering down to Dan Murphy’s to get this. It’s a tap only beer. You’ll have to go to a pub, a good pub.

Having said that 2 brother’s clearly have a good designer on staff they produce some of the best tap heads I’ve seen (the Growler’s a corker) the logo (shown above) has a great Indian motorcycle look to it that makes me long for the adventure and the open road.

Food suggestion: Anything, a burger, a ginger bread man perhaps.   

Drinking Location: You could do worse than the Metropolitan, or you could trip down to the brewery in Moorabbin. It’s just near Cochranes road, My dad used to work in Cochranes road as well.  

Ranking:  A Jug please.   

6 Degrees of Norm:

  1. The Chief reminds me of ‘The World’s Fastest Indian’
  2. Which starred Anthony Hopkins
  3. Who was also in Red Dragon with Mary-Louise Parker
  4. Who was in Weeds with Elizabeth perkins
  5. Who was in Finding Nemo  with John Ratzenberger
  6. Which was Cliff Clavin, drinking buddy of Norm.   

The ‘Beer Porn’ photo: Here is an almost empty glass of Chief reflected in my sunglasses framed by the awesome stained glass windows of the Metropolitan Meat Market Hotel.  

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