Hite Max

Prologue: It was the day of the last bento. One in our midst was leaving and there was a real concern that we would never again come together to eat bento boxes in the back yard our local Korean BBQ/Bento Box/Sushi place.

Being a special occasion I ordered the mysterious menu item – ‘Korean Beer’. My courageous journey into the unknown prompted Frewy (a man who for whom courage is not a foreign concept) to join in the mystery ordering.

The waitress returned with two beers called Max.

First expression: Why is the waitress wearing ripped fishnet stockings and lace bunny ears? I can only assume it was some sort of Japanese fashion subculture.

Appearance: We actually started drinking it straight from the bottle. This meant that myself and Frewy needed to postulate what it looked like. We assumed it would look like a typical pale lager. After much discussion we decided to request a glass and find out, and you know what? We were right.   

Packaging:  Two things struck us about this label. Firstly, this was a beer with a slogan, that slogan ‘Delicious Idea.’ I like positive affirmation in my beer.  Secondly and far more concerning was the use by date on the beer – October 2010. I’m guessing that they don’t do a roaring trade in Korean Beer at this restaurant.

Taste: As mentioned it’s a pretty mainstream lager. I note however it’s made with cascade hops which are generally used by American craft brewers as well as Aussie beers like Little Creature’s pale ale and Fat Yak.

These hops generally give a slightly citrusy taste, which was evident in the beer (and expertly indentified by Frewy). It was easy to drink, in fact it was a lot like Quilmes, not too heavily carbonated and with just a slight wheaty taste.   

Food suggestion: I was eating the B4 – Chilli Tontaksu, it balanced the heat in the chilli’s very nice.

Drinking Location: A quick quiz of the table revealed we knew a lot more about North Korea than South. That was until it Jord mentioned that South Korea had Seoul. This prompted Jess to start singing ‘It’s all about Soul’ by Billy Joel. I’m going to miss that kid.  

6 degrees of Norm: Where we link every beer back to George Wendt (Norm from Cheers)

1.    Max is from South Korea,

2.    Which was the setting for M*A*S*H

3.    Alan Alda was in every episode of M*A*S*H (all 251 of them)

4.    Much like Rhea Pearlman (Carla) was in Cheers (all 271 of them)

5.    Oh and Ted Danson (Sam)

6.    And of course George Wendt (Norm)

·         Also George Wendt appeared in MASH as a young actor, but that would make it too easy

Ranking:  Let’s have a Schooner


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