Fitzy and Wippa Lager

Prologue:  I heard a lot about this beer before I tasted it. As you may or may not know dependant on if you have been paying attention and/or care I work in the media industry.

Fitzy and Wippa do some sort of show on the wireless on a station named after my dad’s old yellow hatchback that I crashed when I was about 19.

Now because this is the media industry and we are all drunks, part of the launch of the show was the distribution of six packs of Fitzy & Wippa beers.

Made up readers question:  Hey Leon, I love the blog – Is it just me or does one of those sailors over there  looks like Steve Danaher?. Also is it possible Fitzy and Wippa brewed this beer themselves using a coopers homebrew kit and some space under the stairs?

 Great question made up guy, Let me put it this way; Fitzy is a international superstar and about the only good thing to ever come out of both the big brother house and Adelaide. Wippa meanwhile is a guy famous for being in the Lazy Patch advertisements plus Wikipedia tells me his name is Michael Wipfli. If that’s true it might replace Armie Hammer as my favourite name of 2011. Of course Armie Hammer played the Winklevoss twins The Social Network, so he has double (or is that triple) awesome nameness.

But back to the question. I don’t think they made it themselves because Fitzy and Wippa are too important to make beer for us commoners, and also because it has brewed by Brewtopia on it, which is a company (I suspect it’s the Southern Bay brewing Company in Moolap who are a reasonable brewery in their own right) that buts custom beer labels on beer.

And yes made up question guy, I’ve always thought he looks like Steve.

First Impression: Nova a very irreverent, so edgy in fact that they wrote the following on their beer ‘It’s like cheap beer….but more expensive.”  It was free so I’ll be changing this to ‘Like cheap beer…only cheaper.

Appearance: This looked like a pretty standard commercial lager, it was golden, it had a stark white frothy head.    

Taste: Now I had been told by all and sundry that this was ‘shit beer’ I’d been told by one person that he tried it at 6pm before he went out and it was shit, he tried it again at 2am when he got home, drunk, and it was still shit. Unsurprisingly I didn’t have high hopes.

But actually this was largely inoffensive, no better or worse than a standard pale lager out there. I wouldn’t go out of my way to drink it, but it didn’t make me want to vomit or anything. It was crisp, with some very subtle hops, and little aftertaste.

Packaging:  You have to put up with looking at Fitzy and Wippa’s ugly mugs, which prompts you to drink faster so you can throw the bottle away.

I should mention however that my six pack came in a little freezer bag. This bag has all the style of a European manbag, but keep a six pack of beer cool, so it’s far more useful  

In conclusion:  A difficult one, I was pleasantly surprised, but only because everyone (except a few desperate drunks) told me it was crap, then again my Nova Beer Manbag is awesome, and Wippa was the lazy patch guy, so I’m feeling generous.  

Ranking:  Maybe just a Pot       

Six degrees of Norm:

1.    This beer is actually named for Ryan Fitzgerald and more importantly Michael Wipfli

2.    Who has an awesome name just like Armie Hammer who was in the ‘Social Network’

3.    Which was written by Aaron Sorkin, who also wrote ‘Studio 60 on Sunset Strip’

4.    Two episodes of which featured Sting

5.    Who was also an episode of The Simpsons (where Timmy O’Toole get stuck down the well)

6.    As was George Wendt (the one where Marge finds out her dad was a air hostess) who was Norm from Cheers.


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