Prologue:  Since Mick moved out of Bev and Mick’s for the sunny climes of the inner north and the Turf Club. we have needed to find a new place to have a few beers after work.

A year ago you could often hear the word ‘Bevans?’ being spoken. Now when 5.30pm rolls around you’ll often hear ‘Buddy’s?’

What or who is Buddy’s? It’s the café come bar that is downstairs from work. Like all good drinking establishments it is known by the man who runs it, Buddy, rather than its actual name which is Café 111 or Lorgen Redlich or something stupid like that.  

Appearance: The biggest problem I had this day was getting a clean glass. I told Buddy that the first glass was not up to my standards, so he gave me a second, which wasn’t any better. I had twelve glasses lined up on the bar before I found a cleanish one. Buddy was horrified and promptly went to fix his dishwasher.

Once I could see through the glass I saw that this was a light commercial looking lager.

Taste: Very smooth, almost velvety in the mouth, lightly carbonated, light and easy to drink, although it sat a little heavy in the stomach, all and all not a bad beer – I prefer the stablemate Yebisu  but I’d happily spend a night drinking this.   

Packaging:  I was drinking the bottled form, shown above which looks classy with the nice golden label and a big communist style star on it (which appeals to the beard wearing pinko commie in me). Having said that the awesome contoured silver can (also shown) is brilliant, meaning this could be the one time I’d prefer the can to the bottle.   

Food suggestion: Whatever free food Buddy gives you. Strangely the free food is always salty, meaning we drink more, crafty man that Buddy.  

Drinking Location: Canada. Doesn’t make much sense until you realise that this Japanese beer is actually brewed in Canada. How it is easier to import this from Canada than Japan?

Random Wikipedia Fact: Sapporo have a beer Museum in (and here’s a shock) Sapporo, Hokkaido Japan. It is visited by 143,900 per year.

6 Degrees of Norm:

  1. I drunk this at Buddy’s
  2. Buddy may or may not have been the star of Air Bud
  3. Which also starred Michael Jeter
  4. Who was also in Polar Express with Tom Hanks
  5. Who was in Toy Story 2 and 3 alongside Stinky Pete
  6. Who was voiced bv Kelsey Grammer, drinking ‘buddy’ of Norm.    

Ranking:  Maybe just a pot thanks

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