Dos Equis Ambar

Prologue:  Growing up in the sunny climes of Parkdale, I spent quite bit of time at everyone’s favourite Mexican restaurant Montezumas.

Monty’s are an institution. The Montezuma’s Delight is possibly the best salad you’ll ever taste. Monty’s and the Beach where about the best things about Parkdale.

But the time came that I had to move from the little seaside hamlet and when I did I needed to move my alliance from the Parkdale Montys to the Richmond Montys.

Now Richmond was never as good as Parky, but it did the job. So I found myself last week drinking up Bridge road heading for Monty’s, I pulled up out the front, only to find it had been turned into a Taco fucking Bill. Taco Bill being to Montezumas was Pal dog food is to Foie Gras.

I was not pleased but I was told to buck up by my dining companions, they placated me by telling me I could have some Mexican Beer.

So in a huff I read the list of beers on the wall. I remembered Mexican beers are shit. But then I remembered that I had just finished watching the second series of Eastbound & Down and remembered that Kenny ‘You’re Fucking Out’ Powers drunk Dos Equis. So I ordered the amber version and sat back thinking, well at least I’ll get something worthwhile out of this trip   

Appearance: Now because Taco Bill’s is the streak of piss on the leg of the Mexican restaurant industry they didn’t give me a glass, just a bottle. Worse still they rammed a lemon wedge in the neck like I was drinking a fucking Corona. I mean who put lemon wedges in an amber beer?

Taste: It was quite light and refreshing, but it lacked any real cut-through taste (particularly for an amber) This was some light gassiness, but less than I would expect in a Lager. Overall it was an okay beer, perhaps let down by the lemon rammed into it by the shit staff of Taco Bill and the fact I was in a crap mood.    

Packaging:  From an Australian perspective it has a certain XXXX vibe to it, which is never a good thing. In fact the ironic non-drinker (Her name’s Brewer hence the irony) asked “Does that mean it’s only half as good as XXXX” It’s better than that, thank God.

Food suggestion: I can tell you what to not have it with. La Combinacion off the Taco the shit stain on the underwear on the Mexican restaurant fraternity Bill menu, that is unless you like your chicken to taste remarkably like cat food.

It would have tasted great with the #9 from the Montezuma’s Menu – Mole Poblano which is a centuries old chicken dish invented by nuns of Puebla for the bishops visit, served with a spicy Aztec nut sauce, 32 herbs and spices, coconut, banana and pineapple.  

Random Wikipedia Fact: Dos Equis literally (in Spanish) means two X’s. The brewery was started in 1897, and he wrote XX on the bottle to commemorate the impending 20th century. XX of course being 20 in Roman numerals. Remember how everything was all millennium based around the year 2000 (including that Millennium bug that was meant to cause the world to self destruct), remember how annoying that was?

Drinking Location: Not Taco “not good enough to lick Montezumas boots” Bill.

Ranking:  Maybe just a pot thanks  

The Long Bow YouTube Clip: Kenny Power is at his Don Equis drinking best in Series 2 of Eastbound & Down.


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