Broo ‘Premium’ Lager

Prologue:  Tomorrow is Australia Day. So I thought we better Aussie it up a bit. So today I present to you Broo.

Now I had heard about these guys a while ago. I saw interview of ACA or something like that. The concept basically that this is the most Aussie Beer you can get.

It set itself up and the underdog fighting against the internationalisation and blandness of mainstream beer.  Because you know foreigners are evil.

I kind of agree with them in a way, I’m all for patriotism. But reading the bottle and now the website  I fear that this might stray a little too close to the Southern Cross tattoo on the arm, Lebo bashing brand of patriotism so popular amongst the Tooheys swilling bogans in the suburbs.

Or maybe it’s the One Nation of beer. The website show pictures of all of the Lion Nathan brands with a ‘100% Japanese owned’ written under them. It’s almost like red arrows are invading the country and needing to stop the boats.  

Which leaves us with fighting blandness. An admirable crusade. I only hope they can back it up with a product is premium and different from the commercial beers.

Appearance: This is a commercial lager in every sense of the word. Which makes sense if you are appealing to bogans and you are taking on Lion Nathan and CUB. It’s a light golden colour with a pure white head, it has less carbonation than a mainstream lager though.

Taste: This is the problem. It tastes like, well nothing. It has no smell, no taste, no malty goodness, no hoopy aftertaste. Nothing. If you are going to position yourself as Australia’s finest premium lager (this is written on the bottle, not sure how they prove it though) you might want to actually back it up with a product that’s good.

Now I thought I might be being a bit tough on this. I was born in the land of the long white cloud so maybe my kiwi tastebuds weren’t attuned the Aussieness of it all. But I was drinking this with my girlfriend, brother and dad who are all dinky di aussies, my brother is even born in Queensland for christs sake, and they thought it was average at best.

A couple of days later I tried it again. I even Aussied it up for the occassion. I was taking a break from painting and needed a drink and if CUB has taught me anything it’s after Hard Yakka that beer tastes best. I even had the cricket on the TV (muted), Paul Kelly on the Ipod, and was wearing green and gold Sydney Olympic socks (I was painting so it’s okay). Even in the perfect storm of Aussieness the beer was still crap.

Packaging:  I actually quite like the Kangaroo road sign, and the nice simple clean label. I do however have to disagree with the statement on the back ‘A good Broo should always be drunk from a brown bottle’. No good brewer (or Brooer) would ever encourage you to drink beer from the bottle. Good beer should always be drunk from a glass. You wouldn’t drink wine from a bottle, so don’t do it with beer either.

Although I have no problem with a 330ml bottle, I do have a problem with the explanation they give on the website (clearly built for the market more used to 375ml VB’s and XXXX) – And the 330ml bottle…well you fit more into an esky.”   Don’t bullshit me mate. 

 Food suggestion: Would it be wrong to suggest Kangaroo? Of course their website has an opinion on this You can eat whatever you bloody well like with it, but by all accounts the beer tastes just right on its own. A mouthful of raw squid, and a plate of something that a good vet could get going doesn’t do much for the taste.”  They are just so fucking down to earth Aussie battler aren’t they?

In Conclusion:  Tipples wholeheartedly endorses supporting independent Australian owned breweries, We wholeheartedly agree with moving beyond the standard Carlton and Tooheys products. But you don’t need to drink Broo to do that. There are hundreds of microbrewries in Australia that are producing better beer than this clone of a mainstream lager. Hell my homebrew is better than this stuff.

Ranking:  Nah Mate, Just a Butchers.     

The Low Bow Youtube Clip – Rags the kangaroo fights marty monster


3 thoughts on “Broo ‘Premium’ Lager

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  2. I whole heartedly disagree that you require a glass to drink beer. One of the beauties of drinking beer is that it can be consumed in a bottle, either on a building site or at the bbq. I like beer from a glass or from the stubby but does that make me a bogun ( correct spelling by the way, the other is a narrow stretch of water) I haven’t had alot of the Broo beer to date but at first taste it has a reasonable beer flavour and should do well. I can often have 1 of the larger company beers and it feels like alot more the next day becouse of the crap they put in it. If it is true that there are no preservatives and it is priced correctly this should do well.
    A bogun for being patriotic in the face of the global brands i will wear that. The branding is based on the Australian sarcasim now largely stripped from our landscape. The companies enjoying success and having fun. “Strewth, don’t go stark raving about it mate , its a beer”. Yes there are better tasting beers from micro brewries but for the price and taste i think it will go well with any curry.
    Ooroo, ( thats also an old aussie way of saying good bye)

    • Bogan is the spelling of bogan. About the only place I’ve ever seen the Bogun speeling is Urban dictionary with is never a good source.

      This is of course a Bogan River in Western NSW, and there is even the term ‘Bogan Shower’ in a Banjo Patterson poem but these are unrelated to the mullet wearing kids.

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