Little Creatures Pale Ale

Prologue:  Ah Little Creatures. A beer I don’t think I’ve drunk for about five or six years. But this wasn’t always the case, back in the early 2000’s it was Little Creatures, Mountain Goat  and Coopers that really got me interested into ‘Beer that wasn’t made by CUB or Lion Nathan’ (Of course Little Creatures is now partially owned by Lion Nathan and thus Kirin)

I remember going on holiday in about 2002 and taking Little Creatures with me. I recall sitting on the steps of the on-site van in a Caravan park in Ocean Grove drinking this from the bottle and feeling mighty cool. I also have a photo from later that afternoon of one of my friends in a shopping trolley, so the coolness was short lived.

Over the years however Little Creatures has been dropped from the rooster of beers, it’s just not interesting enough anymore to seek out in bottles, and is not on tap widely enough to become a ‘fall back’ beer like Fat Yak (which I will review one day) or Coopers still is. I can’t say I drink Mountain Goat that often anymore either, which is a shame.

So when Frewy appeared out of the house and a recent BBQ and his place with three stubbies of Little Creatures I thought ‘Gee haven’t seen that in a while’

Appearance: The Pale Ale is perhaps not surprisingly quite pale in colour, golden almost.

Taste: I’d forgotten that this was actually quite a nice beer. It’s full flavoured with citrus overtones, meaning it is a American Style Pale Ale, which are not a bitter as an Indian Pale Ale. The citrus flavour comes from the Cascade hops, which are from America and are not connected to Cascade brewery in any way. Little creatures is also bottle conditioned (like Coopers is).

Packaging:  I really like the label, it’s classy, I like the little cupid with the beer glass. I like to think that he gets drunk and starts shooting arrows off every which way leading to inappropriate matches like Stones fans with Simon and Garfunkel fans, or Richmond supporters with someone with teeth and a job.

Food suggestion: As you can see from the photo above we were having a BBQ. I can assure that the beer went very well is the smoked ribs you can see in the foreground. That is also Frewy’s patented glass cleaning device in the background.    

Ranking:  Let’s have a Schooner    

6 Degrees of Norm:

  1.  Little Creatures is named for a Talking Heads album
  2. Their song ‘Burning Down the House’ was used in the film ‘The Banger Sisters’
  3. Which starred Susan Sarandon
  4. Who used to be married to Tim Robbins
  5. Who hosted ‘Saturday Night Live’ in 1992
  6.  Which George Wendt hosted back in 1986, and George was of course Norm.   

4 thoughts on “Little Creatures Pale Ale

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