3 Ravens USB

Prologue:  USB stands for Uber Special Bitter. I find that a ridiculous name. it wasn’t a good start. This is supposedly some sort of heightened version of 3 Ravens English Ale.  

But I’m getting ahead of myself. The story starts when myself, by brother and my dad walked in the Court House Hotel in North Melbourne. Now this is one of the classiest pubs in North Melbourne, the dining room comes well recommended (but I think slightly over hyped) and the front bar has a fantastic selection of brews. We had a lot to choose form for our ‘quick drink’ that day and we choose 3 Ravens USB based on our collective prior (favourable) experiences with 3 Ravens.

First Impression: Andre returned from the bar with three beers and a bowl of peanuts, whilst dad wandered around bar telling me ‘this hasn’t changed much. He may have be drunk but this point because I remember the Courthouse from the mid 90’s and I reckon it’s changed a lot, it remember it being much more grimy and having a lot more NMFC memorabilia, now it has a nice dark wood, English pub crossed with a country pub feel to it.  

Appearance: This was quite dark, with a creamy full head.     

Taste:  The first taste in the mouth was smokiness, but not smoky like an open fire, more like a smoked cheese. With led through a bitter aftertaste, but strangely that aftertaste left the scene quite quickly.  I found it quite gassy, in fact I thought the carbonation was hiding some of the flavours.

Packaging:  It came in a pot, so the packaging shown above was a surprise to me. It’s a little boring really.

Made up reader’s Question:  Hi Leon, This blog is the cats pyjamas, you wordsmithmmanship is incendiary and you review illuminating. Don’t suppose you know the origin of the brewery’s name?

Thanks for the compliments made up guy, as a matter a fact I can tell you about the name, Marcus Cox who does/did work there told The Age ‘3 Ravens is some sort of nerdy joke, I think it’s from Dungeons and Dragons. One of the directors Ben, is a gothic and there’s some famous medieval work called 3 Ravens’

The piece of work he is speaking off is ‘The Three Ravens’ which is an English Folk ballad published by Thomas Ravencroft in 1611. It’s not a great song, it appears to involve some ravens sitting in a tree having a conversation about what to have for brekky , but in a world where ‘I whip my hair back and forth’ can be a hit I guess I should cast judgement on the people of 1611

In conclusion:  This just wasn’t that good. The uber moniker annoys me for some reason I don’t really understand. I thought it had potential but was just a little too punchy for my liking, might just stick to the standard 3 Ravens Bronze ale.

Ranking:  Maybe just a Pot       

Six degrees of Norm:

1.    3 Ravens might have been able to sneak into the flock of crows in Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds

2.    Which started Tippi Hendren

3.    Whose daughter is Melanie Griffith

4.    Who was in Stuart Little 2 with Michael J Fox

5.    Who was in Spin City

6.    Which George Wendt appeared as Don Donaldson, he also of course played Norm in Cheers


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