Mildura Storm Cloudy Ale

Prologue:  It was Friday evening, my long two day work week had finished, I looked around but could not find anyone worth drinking with. So I wandered home and climbed up to the balcony to have a beer with my lovely girlfriend Jordan.

“Is that a naked chick over there?” I ask hopefully


“Over there on the roof of that apartment.”

Apartment TV as we like to like to call it is one of our pastimes afforded to us from our balcony (which overlooks rooftops and balcony of about 8 other apartments), and tonight looked like a corker episode. There isn’t a shortage of topless people in North Melbourne, but they tend to be

1. Male

2. Tubby

3. Pastey.

But not today. Our neighbours has bought a kiddies pool, filled it with water (I assume) and were now canoodling in it on their rooftop deck. But was she naked? Only time would tell. 

Appearance: The label claimed it was orangey. I assume that they meant it was a shade of orange rather than it resembled the a member of the Royal Family of the Netherlands.  If it was the former then it’s an accurate description. It was orange and cloudy, or rather dirty rather than cloudy (the bits of yeast were quite large). There was a head but it disappeared quite quickly.    

“I think I just saw boobs?’ I say pointing

“That the guys arm.” Jord responds

“Are you sure? “”


Taste” The brew was okay without being spectacular, there is some bitterness in the middle of the sip. There was a slight aftertaste, but I felt that it was yeasty rather than hoppy.

The bottle mentioned a biter kick of citrus. I’m starting to think it’s mandatory on all craft brews to mention citrus overtones. It’s there, it’s the Amarillo hops that puts it there, but I’m not sure I would call it a kick, more a subtle shove. 

Packaging:  I like the simple graphics on the labels, this one is a storm cloud, the Mallee Bull is a bull the Honey Wheat is a Bee. Simple effective, like those 1970’s stick figure graphics to designate sports in the Olympics.

I’m less keen on the blurbs however. Firstly orangey is not a word. It even suggested where I should drink it ‘A noisy setting.’ Why I would want to have the beer in a noisy place when I could be up on my balcony watching sexual theatre that unfolding in front of me.

“They really do seem to like each other don’t they?”

“It’s 35 degrees and he’s wrapping his arms around her, so yes I think they are fond of each other.”  Jord responded, getting bored with postulating.

Drinking Location:  Can I suggest the actual Brewery – it is stunning.

Or you could just come up to our balcony, sit in the sun and watch potentially naked chicks. 

“If she is naked, how is she going to get back in the house?”

“Maybe she’ll make loverboy go get her a towel.”

Panic set in “You don’t think he’s naked do you?”

Made up reader’s Question:  Hi Leon, gr8 blog, yr youtube clips are my fav, I also luv music wot wood u listen 2 while drinking this ?

Glad you like it made up question guy’s young (yet over 18) daughter. It’s strange you ask this because as we took our first sip of this beer a track from Mosaik’s seminal 2007 release Zenith Valley came on, I’m sure being a young (yet over 18) year old girl you would find lead singer Will Prescott to be manly in a non threatening way, sort of like the taller, neckerchiefed Justin Bieber. 

In conclusion:  This beer was okay without being anything spectacular, It’s good enough to make me want to seek out their other brews.  

Oh and it turned that she wasn’t naked, eventually she stood up and she was wearing a bikini, still the best episode ever though.

Ranking:  I’ll have a schooner 


2 thoughts on “Mildura Storm Cloudy Ale

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