Introducing Festival of the Jugs

Over the long history of Great set of Tipples only the choosen few have received the coverted Jug status, and by few I mean nine beers.

Back in June 2008 Moo Brew were the first Brewery to rise to the loft standards with their Pale Ale

According to my (admittedly drunken) records the same day Knappstein were also awarded a Jug for their Reserve Lager

June 2008 was golden time for drinking, becuase just 7 days later the third Jug was awarded this time to De Bortoli or was that William Bull’s Red Angus

This interesting thing about this – all of these Microbreweries are offshoots of wineries.

Another 3 week passes before the fourth Jug is handed out. Surprisingly it’s to a gimmick beer – Baron’s Battle Wattle

It was obviously getting a little too easy to win the coverted Tipples Jug.  Four jugs in six weeks. Thankfully it was then a 18 month wait until the next one.

5th of December 2010 and 2 brothers come through with a Jug for their James Belgian Brown , seven days later and those pesky vermin from Healvesville White Rabbit get a Jug for their Dark Ale .

2011 rolls on and we have our first brewery to score their second jug (going two from two none the less), That’s right 2 brothers are back with their Marzen called Cheif

Four days later and Hawthorn become that next member of the Jug Club with their Pale Ale

For the ninth beer the Jug Club went international – Monteith’s added an uniquely New Zealandish with their Summer Ale

So now that you are all up to speed on the history of juginess here a tipples what is the ‘Fesitval of the Jugs’ ?

Well it’s simple over the next seven posting days we will be tasting others beers from the brewers of the beers that have been awarded a Jug. Why only six days if their a nine beers listed above.

Well firstly becuase 2 Brother’s have two jugs so their are only eight breweries above. Then Knappstein a not included becuase they only produce one beer so their is nothing else to taste.

There are so many unanswered questions.

Were we drunk when we awarded some of these Jugs?

Will any of these score a second jug?

Will 2 Brothers be the first ever brewery to be awarded three jugs by tipples?

Will I actually be able to find all of these brewery’s again?

How many Jug/Boob jokes can I make?

So get your drinking shoes on and let enter the world of the Jugs.

ohhh, and here is a video from a Jug Band

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