Festival of the Jugs – Monteiths Sparkling Ale

Prologue:  It would be good if the Festival of the Jugs had a theme song, Sadly it doesn’t and I’m left here with the theme to the Never Ending Story in my head instead. (and no I have no idea why it’s there)   

But as try to find Limahl’s phone number in the white pages to see if he can pen a tune for use I shall continue my drinking.

Today it’s time embrace the motherland. The land of the long white cloud, the land of the hobbits, of Russell Crowe, Lance Cairns and Richard Wilde (Wilkins). That’s right it’s Monteiths.

This is their third appearance. The first appearance was after a drunken night at on the Golden Lager at the Maori Chief  which garnered them a pint rating. Then just a couple of weeks ago they went one better scoring a Jug for their Summer Ale 

So it was time to try another brew from the Greymouth stable so the only logical place to go was back to the Maori Chief, where they have about three different brews from Monteith’s on tap, and about another 5 or 6 in bottles.

I settled on the Monteith’s Sparkling Ale and settled in.

Some background:  Now I should mention that according to the internet, and Monteith’s  own website this beer doesn’t exist and has never existed, no mention of Sparkling anywhere.

Is it a mysterious beer that exists only in the Maori Chief? Or only Australia? Perhaps it’s an Aussie translation for one of the NZ beers – like Scooby doo it’s quite mysterious.

Appearance: It had a darkish amber colour, with a creamy full head. As the beer dropped in the glass there was lovely lacing left.

Taste:  The first thing that hits you is how smooth this beer is, it is a very drinkable beer, sessionable (which I tested) with just a slight bitterness that melts away to a sweet aftertaste and carbonation which was not overpowering.

Packaging:  As this beer doesn’t exist it has no packaging, other than the glass it came to me in, and the tap head.

Drinking location:  When a beer is nonexistent it is be hard to find, (like a falling tree in a forest). Best bet would be to head to the Maori Chief hotel in South Melbourne,  order one, and then climb the stairs to the little rooftop beer garden, sip and admire the view of Melbourne town from up there.   

In conclusion:  Another superb effort from Monteith’s, a brewery that rarely puts a foot wrong.  

Ranking:  I’ll have a pint thanks  

The long bow youtube clip:  You just knew I was going to throw in the video of the Never Ending Story didn’t you?

3 thoughts on “Festival of the Jugs – Monteiths Sparkling Ale

  1. Well, to be fair it is only a recent addition and only appears (AFAIK) on the .com.au version of Monteith’s websit, not the .co.nz version… Odd – I’ve had it twice, and while it is a long way from the benchmark sparkling (Coopers, uh duh) it is a pretty nice beer. Strong, almost Munich-ish malt body, and balanced bittering. Noice.

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