Festival of the Jugs – Hawthorn Amber Ale

Prologue:  Just like the Hawthorn Football club, the Hawthorn brewing company has moved beyond it traditional home. Hawthorn Football Club were a powerhouse in the 1980’s (less so in the 1970’s when North Melbourne smacked them around quite regularly) just as the Hawthorn Brewing Company has a powerhouse beer with the Hawthorn Pale Ale

But the Hawthorn Football club weren’t all that successful in translating that success in the 1980’s. They went close to merging with Melbourne in 1996 (only to be stopped by noted crackpot and turtleneck sweater wearing Don Scott) they then became that modern phenomenon of the dual state based side, when they sold their soul and played a bunch of games in Tasmania, They even have a name Tasmania on their jumpers, somehow the media seem to think this is a sign of success for the team, yet North just hint of playing a game 100km up the road from Arden Street and it the third sign of the apocalypse.

Having said that the Hawthorn supporters are too busy donning there bird shit t-shirts and heading down to Motel to notice whether their beloved buddy is playing in Tasmania or at the ‘G.

So will the Brewing company latest beer, the Hawthorn Amber ale prove a to be as successful as 2008 (when they fell arse backwards into a premiership) or 2004, 2005 and 2006 when they were shit. Let’s find out.

Smell: There was a very slight burnt toffee smell, but it was faint.

Appearance: Perhaps not surprisingly it was a dark amber colour, almost brown some might say. There was a full head, but I could see no trails of bubbles (but hey that could have been the darkness of the brew hiding things)

Taste: Quite easy to drink. It became evident that there must have been some bubbles hiding in there somewhere because I could feel the fizz in my mouth. It felt full and soft, with almost not aftertaste. There were no real standout flavours, but all in all still a very nice beer.

Packaging: We have discussed this before. It note however that the label was designed by Leo Burnett, which is a advertising firm. The brewers state that they have friends that work there. This statement does little to convince that these guys aren’t Scotch College wankers who spent the mid 90’s at the Geebung Polo Club and their winters at hot tub in Falls Creek.

In conclusion: I might like this beer more if I didn’t have a ingrained hatred of Hawthorn, people who come from Hawthorn (except you Frewy), people who barrack for Hawthorn (except you Chris), people named Hawthorn, people who have once driven through Hawthorn, Hawks, Thorns, anything brown and Shane Crawford.

Having said that this is a seriously good beer and well worth picking up if you see it anywhere.

Ranking:  I’ll have a pint thanks

1 thought on “Festival of the Jugs – Hawthorn Amber Ale

  1. hehehe, nice words Leon, glad you got past your ingrained thoughts and liked our Amber!!. As for our schooling, another lol, I like the story, so you can go with it. While we’re in the ‘burb now (and may be known to conduct research at the Geebung) reality would be outer Eastern State schools, including our mate at Leo’s. Looking forward to your review on our Pilsner when you get to it. Cheers !

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