Festival of the Jugs – Barons Lager

Prologue:  Now during this whole Festival of the Jugs experience I’ve been a little sceptical on how Baron’s Black Wattle Ale ever made it into the list. It was reviewed back in the days before there was any discipline in this site, and going by the drinking location, Bev & Micks, and the fact that it was raining outside makes me think that maybe, just maybe we were drunk.

So it was begrudgingly that wandered over to Dan Murphy’s and grabbed a bottle of Baron’s lager. I didn’t have high hopes at all. I treated it with such disrespect that I snuck in a tasting of this on a Sunday afternoon sitting on the couch, for no other reason than I was a bit thirsty, and it had to be done.  

I don’t want to spoil the ending or anything, but I was wrong to treat it with such disrespect.  

Appearance:  Yellow, really yellow, a white head that was a little wispy. There was not much carbonation here, in fact it looked a little more aley than lagerery, if there is any chance that’s a word.

Taste:  It was quite smooth actually, it had a soft velvety taste to it, almost pilsner like. There wasn’t too much hoppy bitterness, and little aftertaste, but I tell you what, it was refreshing and really very nice indeed.   

Packaging:  There is a lot to like about the label, even if the white background makes me think this will be a little tasteless, or maybe low carb (put it down to the power of the Pure Blonde marketing).

I mentioned the pilot dude before.  I’m not sure I really understand the link between Barons and flying, except of course for the Red Baron.

Made up Reader’s question: Who is this Red Baron you speak of? You know the Red Baron, no not Snooby, the actual Red Baron – Manfred Albrecht Freiherr bon Richthofen (I think I understand why he needed a nickname) a German uber star pilot during World War 1, credited with shooting down about 80 odd allied planes, all whilst sporting a fancy red bi-plane.

There are a few theories on who killed him, but I’m firmly in the Aussie’s on the ground shot him when he was flying at low altitude near the Somme River in France. Now because we are Aussies we steal shit, the Aussie soldier ‘souvenired’ some stuff from the wreckage.  Some of these are now in the RAAF museum at Point Cook, which is awesome if you are ever out that way.  

Drinking location:  It might be nice to drink this whilst flying in a DC3 sometime during the golden age of aviation.

In conclusion:  I was really shocked by this beverage. I wasn’t expecting much but what I got was a beer I’d be happy quaffing any day of the week.  

Ranking:  I’ll have a pint thanks   

The Long Bow YouTube Clip: All my knowledge of World War 1 pilots comes from ‘Stop the Pidgeon.’


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